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Cold Storage Update: LEDs Improve Taste & Nutrition of Milk

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Here at Sitler’s, we are advocates of using LED lighting in groceries stores and cold food storage, as they help produce last longer and perform much better than incandescent bulbs in store coolers and freezers. Today, we have a new installment in the LED cold storage world! A study done by Virginia Tech has discovered LED lighting in milk coolers helps milk taste better and last longer!

LEDs and Cold Food Storage

LEDs are a great option for cold food storage in grocery stores and restaurants, as they are built to last in below freezing temperatures. Heat is the enemy of LEDs, therefore they work just as well, maybe even better, when used in cold food storage. They can also help kill bacteria, helping produce and meats last longer and stay fresher. They are a no-brainer when it comes to a lighting solution for coolers and freezers! To learn more about LEDs and cold food storage, read our blog here.

LEDs and Milk

The study conducted at Virginia Tech concluded that LEDs can improve the taste of milk packaged in translucent, high-density polyethylene in grocery store retail cases. A typical dairy case in an average grocery store uses fluorescent lighting, which not only performs poorly in cool environments, but also gives off heat and UV rays. Fluorescent lights have an oxidizing effect on a nutrient called riboflavin that is in milk, deteriorating the taste and nutrient quality of the milk in the process.

The study’s purpose was to see if milk under LED lights was better accepted by consumers than milk under fluorescent lights. They asked participants to taste three separate samples of 2% milk, one stored under LEDs, one stored under fluorescents and one stored in light-protected storage. The milk stored under LED lighting was better accepted than milk stored under fluorescents.

However, it must be noted that milk packaged in non-translucent material was most popular, as it protected from light. With milk sales down over 5% from 2015, due to plant-based alternatives, researchers and Virginia Tech are looking for ways to restore the “fresh from the dairy” flavor people of older generations experienced when drinking milk. They believe this is the key to helping dairy become popular amongst shoppers again.

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