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Common LED Lighting Mistakes

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You can find LEDs just about anywhere these days. When purchasing LEDs without the help of a sales consultant or an idea in mind of what the lights will be used for, you can make mistakes. When it comes to choosing the right LED, there are common mistakes a lot of buyers fall prey to. To avoid these pitfalls, read about three of the most common mistakes first time LED buyers tend to make.

Right Lamp, Wrong Fixture

Before purchasing LEDs, you want to make sure your fixtures are compatible. Some bulbs are sold as “plug and play” and you don’t need to update your fixtures. The bulbs that have the most issues are LED linear lamps in old fluorescent fixtures. LEDs do not require a ballast and, therefore, are more prone to failure when installing with one. We suggest updating your fixtures to bypass the ballast before replacing your fluorescent lighting with LED T8 linear lamps.

The All (Too) Powerful LED

A major benefit of LED lighting is how bright and white the lights shine in comparison to traditional lighting. However, many buyers assume they should buy the brightest, coolest toned LED lights available for their home or businesses. When doing this, you run the risk of making a room feel washed out and clinical. When installing LEDs in your home, choose lights that are warmer in color temperature to keep the warm, cozy feeling you expect.

LEDs Shouldn’t Be Your One and Only

While LEDs have a high lumen count and are much brighter than traditional bulbs, they shouldn’t be your only source of lighting. LEDs do mimic natural lighting best, but you don’t have to close the curtains and shut out the sunshine! Take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible to create a more open space. Using natural light when you can, opposed to electric lighting, also helps cut down on energy costs.

Avoid LED Mistakes with Sitler’s

Find the right LED lighting for your home or business with Sitler’s. We work with teams of trained electricians, and our lighting consultants walk you through all of the steps to make sure you avoid all of the common LED trip-ups. Give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or send us an email to get started!

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