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Could LEDs Increase Indoor Farming?

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For years, the only way to grow and cultivate crops consisted of three things: soil, water, and sun. That all is about to change. What if you could grow crops without the need for sun at all? With the rise of LED lighting, the indoor farming industry is taking off!

How LEDs Affect Farming

LEDs are the light making indoor farming possible. Due to their energy efficiency, low heat output and customization abilities, they are able to optimize plant growth. They can affect how the plants grow and when they flower, even how they taste and the levels of nutrients and vitamins they contain! They can also impressively extend the shelf life of these typically short lived foods.

Benefits of LED Indoor Farming

What is driving farmers indoors? With issues of space, soil degradation, and climate change, indoor farming is an alluring alternative. It require a fraction of the land, water, and fertilizers used in conventional farming and the plants are grown free of pesticides and eaten locally in one to two days after harvesting. It is becoming popular in larger urban cities as a way to bring fresh, local produce to the citizens living there, as opposed to the more costly version of shipping or trucking in produce from outside the metro or state.

Another huge benefit to LED indoor farming is the ability to grow crops faster, year-round. Some indoor farms are able to create the same amount of leafy greens, vine crops and much more as an 80 acre farm in a fraction of the space!

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