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How LEDs Can Help Sell Your Home

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

Selling your home can be overwhelming and tiresome, especially if it has been sitting on the market for a time. Upgrading your home’s appliances, repainting, adding new floors and changing dated fixtures all help sell a home. But these changes can start to add up in price. One simple way you can improve the look and feel of your home is with LEDs!

Curb Appeal

Buyers aren’t just interested in your home’s interior. When it comes to buying a home, a lot of potential buyers do judge the book by its cover. In this case, your home’s curb appeal. Apart from keeping your lawn tidy and your siding clean, an easy way to add great curb appeal is with outdoor and landscape lighting. Light your front walk with LED garden lights. Install a motion sensor security light on the garage for added safety to talk about during open houses. Proper lighting can really change the look and feel of your home’s exterior.

Shine Bright

LEDs are a great investment for the interior of your home for a multitude of reasons. When it comes to selling your home, you can tell potential buyers the LEDs installed will last for years and years, reducing their maintenance cost. LEDs are also great at showing your home’s true colors. If you do decide to repaint or change your floors, do it after installing LEDs to make sure your colors shine through. Bright lighting can also make smaller homes and rooms appear larger, as well as making your home look and feel cleaner overall.

Spotlight Your Home’s Best Features

Does your home have a great fireplace? A large and spacious kitchen island? A large master bathroom? Take the focal points of your home that are also great selling points and emphasize them with lighting. Hang LED accent lighting over your spacious kitchen island or install recessed lighting over your ornate fireplace. Your large master bathroom will look larger and more spacious with LED vanity and closet lighting. Shine a spotlight on your home’s best feature to help make the sale!

Find the Best LED Residential Lighting at Sitler’s

You can find all of the lighting for the home you’re selling or the home you’re moving into with Sitler’s. You can request a consultation online here, or call (319)-519-0039 to set up a free walk-through and proposal!

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