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Whether you rent or own, we all want our homes to feel like our own personalized space. Paint, pictures, and decorations are all great starting points, but we can make our spaces feel homier with something as simple as accent lighting! Utilizing just your overhead lighting can feel stark and underwhelming. Incorporating LEDs into your accent lighting is a great way to make you feel even more at home in your space!

Identify Focal Points and Features

Everyone’s home has selling points and focal features, and the easiest way to bring attention to them is with lighting. Literally, put the spotlight on them! If you have a great fireplace, winding staircase, built-in bookshelves or a huge master bath, make them shine with LED accent lighting. Once you have identified the areas of your home you want to feature, you can decide what LED lights and installation methods to use.

With LEDs, Less is More

LEDs are known for their bright, widespread light. You don’t need too many lights to get the job done. If you use too many LED accent lights, the colors and features of your home will begin to look washed out. Simple LED lighting design to help draw visitors’ eyes to your home’s best focal points is a great place to start. You can add LED strip lights under a grand staircase or along the inside of a built-in bookshelf or wardrobe. You can install track lighting over a large kitchen island or living room fireplace. The options are endless!

Incorporate with Existing Fixtures

It is important to consider the current lighting and level of activity in each of your rooms before installing LEDs. If you want to highlight your gorgeous kitchen (a high traffic area) consider a minimal pendant lighting feature over a kitchen island, or updated ceiling lights or chandelier. If you have a cozy den or living room where you like to relax and watch movies, considering dimmable sconce or lamp lighting to use instead of stark overhead lighting.

Find Your LED Accent Lighting Needs at Sitler’s!

You can find an LED for your accent lighting needs at Sitler’s today! We can come out to your home and offer you a free estimate, or you can buy product straight from us. Give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or send us a request!

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