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LED Basics: Packaging and Components

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By now, we know the overarching benefits of LEDs, and how light emitting diodes brings the brightest, most energy-efficient lighting. But have you stopped to think about the way LEDs are packaged? Today we are going to take a look at the components of an LED bulb!

LED Package Purposes

LEDs come in all shapes and sizes, but there is a common ground for LED bulb components across the board. For starters, the LED packaging is used to protect the LED chips and lead wires from having direct contact with the outside environment. Secondly, it helps to secure the diode chip with LED phosphors and epoxy silicone resin. Lastly, LED packaging allows for the standardization of LED lighting.

Four Main LED Packaging Types

This is the most common type of packaging, seen most often in indicator bulbs. With today’s LED innovations, we are seeing this application in signage and commercial and residential lighting as well.

These components are made of a double-pronged aluminum frame, where the LED chip sits in a small indent on one end of the prongs. Then the gold wires are welded, which connects these terminals to the two parts of the frame. This is all encased in epoxy.

Chip on Board (COB) modules
With COB packaging, many LED chips are attached to one PCB, then covered in a phosphor epoxy. These are very powerful lights and are commonly used in high-bay and exterior and security lighting.

Surface Mount Devices (SMDs)
This type of packaging is used for LEDs that are to be mounted on a surface using welding. They are most commonly described and labeled with a four-digit number, which correlates to the length and width of the SMD dimensions.

These lights are most commonly used in computer and TV backlighting, although they are very versatile. They can be used in LED light strips as well!

High Power
High power LED lighting is commonly used in spotlighting, bulbs, and reading lamps.

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