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LED Grow Lights Revolutionize Agriculture

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Agriculture is vitally important. It literally feeds the world. Every year, new innovations come into play to help farmers create more crop yields to meet the demands of our ever-growing world population. One of the simplest, yet most exciting, of these innovations is the LED. LED lighting offers opportunities to grow crops indoors in metropolitan areas, as well as increase crop yields due to tuned light colors and wavelengths.

Why We Need LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights allow us to grow crops indoors and in areas lacking land. This is becoming more important each year for many reasons. According to the LED Journal, the global population is continually growing, reaching over 7 billion today, humankind may deplete freshwater sources before we deplete fossil fuels, food in America travels hundreds of thousands of miles before reaching its destination, and low-income households are at a higher risk of obesity due to lack of access to fresh produce. You may wonder how LED grow lights how LEDs will help solve these issues.

The Solution: LED grow lights

Farmers are essential to us all, providing food for the world. With the help of LED grow lights, we will see farmers popping up in new and unexpected places, such as old and abandoned warehouses in large cities. LED grow lights make it possible to create indoor greenhouses for growing crops like lettuce and other produce in metropolitan areas, where local produce is lacking due to no farmable land. Being able to grow fresh produce in cities means produce won’t have to travel as far to reach the cities and won’t be damaged in process, saving on transportation and food waste. Lower-income families in large cities would have greater access to locally grown produce to help fight obesity and obesity-related health risks.

The best part of LED grow lights is not only the fact that they save on money and energy in comparison to halide or fluorescent bulbs, but they also reduce grow time to harvest by 10 percent. This means farmers are able to create a greater crop yield in a year, as lessened grow time means being able to fit in more grow cycles!

Discover LED Agriculture Lighting at Sitler’s!

Sitler’s has a booth at the Iowa Power Farming Show this week. Stop by booth 118 to talk about the benefits of LEDs for your home, business and farm!

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