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LED Lighting for Construction Sites

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Construction sites require a lot of planning, from permits to contractors to demolition to construction. There is a lot of physical and metaphorical red tape to cut through to get a project off the ground. One aspect of a construction site that must be up to code is the lighting. Today we are going to take a look at the construction lighting requirements and how LEDs tick all of the boxes!

Construction Lighting Requirements

When it comes to contracted construction, there are more lighting rules than you would first expect. The list includes:

  • The construction site must be illuminated with artificial lighting when daylight is not sufficient for a safe working environment
  • The lighting must not generate a glare, reflection, or heat
  • All areas must be illuminated to support safe movement around the construction site
  • The lighting must at least be 25 lux in intensity
  • The color used for the artificial lighting must not change or influence the signposting
  • The lighting installation must not provide a safety risk to the workers

Now with LEDs, these requirements are very easily met.

Benefits of LED Construction Lighting

Traditional lighting is still commonly used on construction sites, but they have their downsides. They are dim, have a short lifespan, are easy to break if dropped and require a lot of energy to power. LEDs eliminate all of these issues!

LEDs are known for their longevity, durability in all conditions, low heat profile, and little to no UV Ray emissions. Using these lights on a construction site can save you up to 60 percent in energy costs as well!

Tips for Using LED Construction Lighting

Here are a few pieces of LED construction lighting advice to keep in mind. Because LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures, be sure to find ones that mimic daylight best. These range from 4500k to 5500k. Also be sure to keep your bulbs clean, an easy fix with LEDs as their bulbs don’t get hot when working. Dusty, dirty lights can reduce the light’s intensity by 30 percent.

Find LED Construction Lighting at Sitler’s!

Sitler’s offers a wide variety of LEDs, many of which can be used on construction sites to save you money and keep your lighting up to code. Give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or send us a request to get started!

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