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LED Lighting Tips for Small Spaces

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Living and working in a small space can be claustrophobic, making you feel trapped and unproductive. While you might not be able to add an addition to your home or move office spaces, there is a simple way to make your space feel bigger: LEDs! Here are a few tips to get the most out of your limited square footage with lighting alone.

Ditch traditional lighting

Getting rid of traditional lighting should be your first move in updating your small space. Apart from the majority of light being lost and shone at the ceiling, the yellow/orange hues incandescents and fluorescents give off make rooms feel smaller. Installing LEDs in a nice white light opens up space and not only makes everything appear larger but also cleaner.

Update overhead lighting

The simplest move to make is installing LED bulbs. If you want to take it a step further, consider installing recessed lighting to make your room feel larger. With no bare bulbs or outdated fixtures hanging down, your space will feel larger and less cluttered.

Make use of accent lighting

Using a corner floor lamp or end table lamps in your home or office allow you to brighten up your space even more, or let you reduce overhead lighting to create a more intimate, relaxed feel. If your bedroom or apartment doesn’t have a ton of overhead lighting, placing floor lamps in opposite corners of the room can help light your entire space.

Class it up with LED accessory lighting

If you want a more creative, glamorous look in your small space, choose an interesting focal lighting feature, like a sleek, modern chandelier or pendant lights. Using a small chandelier or three to four pendant lights are a great way to add a simple design to your space without taking up too much space.

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