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LED vs Traditional Lighting Comparisons

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LEDs have many benefits, especially when compared side by side with traditional lighting. Today, we are going to stack LEDs up against incandescent lighting and CFL bulbs to show you how LEDs always end up on top in terms of energy efficiency, money savings, and light output!

LED vs Traditional Lighting: Energy Efficiency and Savings

Energy Efficiency & SavingsLEDsCFLsIncandescent
Watts (equal to 60 watt bulb)6-8 watts13-15 watts60 watts
Kilo-Watts (equal to 30 incandescent bulbs per year)329 KWh/yr.767 KWh/yr.3285 KWh/yr.
Life Span50,000 hours8,000 hours1,200 hours
Annual Operating Costs (equal to 30 incandescent bulbs per year)$32.85/yr.$76.65/yr.$328.59/yr.

LED vs Traditional Lighting: Light Output

Light OutputLEDsCFLsIncandescent

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