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Our LED ZONE is designed to provide our registered Electrical Contractor’s with the latest LED lighting information and tools to help enhance your project portfolio and profitability.​ The following articles and videos contain information to help inform you about LED lighting installation.

Ed36e702 Benefits Of Ballast Bypass

Installing LEDS: Benefits of the Ballast Bypass

If you walk into a building, whether it's an office, school, library or store, you are likely to see fluorescent lighting if you look up. You may even notice a few bulbs burnt out, or some flickering on their last legs. What you can't see is that the bulb is actually fine, and it's the ballast that has gone bad. The ballast is the metal fixture that encases the fluorescent tubes, and they require just as much maintenance as burnt out bulbs.

When installing LED linear tubes to replace fluorescent lights, there are few options for what to do with the ballast. Some companies will direct fit the lights to the ballast, essentially just replacing the tube. At sitler's we believe in bypassing the ballast, further reducing your energy and maintenance costs.

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LED retrofit Questions, Answered

A huge part of the LED market revolves around the LED retrofits to replace fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent tubes can be found in a majority of buildings you encounter; schools, hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, grocery stores and more. Fluorescent tubes are out of date and poor choices for lighting, especially when compared to LED tubes. Yet, there are a lot of questions revolving around how and why to retrofit LEd tubes, or waht retrofitting even means. We have the answers for you!

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