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Maintenance Costs: Traditional vs LED Lighting

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You’ve heard us say it so many times, we’re beginning to sound like a broken record. LED lights not only shine brighter and last longer, they also save you money on your energy bill! However, did you know you save even more money on LEDs, thanks to reduced maintenance costs? It’s not often when we install lights that we consider the maintenance cost on top of the upfront cost of the bulbs. Yet, maintenance costs can eat away at our wallets if we don’t pay attention. Here’s how the maintenance costs of fluorescent and traditional lighting holds up to LED maintenance costs.

LED and Fluorescent Maintenance Costs

The table below lays out just how much more energy efficient and low maintenance LEDs are compared to traditional fluorescent lighting, which is often used in schools, offices, warehouses and more.

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Low Profile Canopy Fixture30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Low Profile Canopy Fixture with Motion Sensor30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture40w100-150w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture55w150-175w HID50,0006 years

LED and CFL Maintenance Costs

CFLs were seen as the next big thing in lighting, before LEDs hit the mainstream market. While better off than fluorescents, they are still no match for LEDs.

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Canopy Fixture130w350-400w HID50,0005 years
Canopy Fixture150w400w HID50,0005 years

LED and Incandescent Maintenance Costs

Incandescents are also commonly used in homes and businesses, however they last a shorter time than CFLs and fluorescents and require more maintenance cycles than CFLs, despite only lasting for half of their lifespan.

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Canopy Fixture70w250w HID50,0005 years
Canopy Fixture45w200-250w HID50,0005 years

It is clear by these numbers that LEDs are the best, most energy efficient and low maintenance option. While CFLs and incandescents aren’t as troublesome as fluorescents, due to their lack of ballasts and strikers, they still require double digit maintenance cycles during their one year lifespan. On the flip side, LEDs last upwards of 30 years, with no ballast or striker maintenance!

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