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Major League Sports Love Affair with LEDs

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The Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings and more have all made the switch to LED lighting in their respective stadiums. Since 2015, approximately 25 percent of all major league teams have made the switch from metal halide lights to LED systems. Every other LED article in the news these days is about another team updating their lighting system to LEDs. While we know the benefits of LED lighting, the question is why have we seen such a big push for LED lights from major league sports? Today, we’ve got the answers!

LEDs’ Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons the lighting industry has seen such a push for LEDs from major league teams will come as no surprise. Sports stadiums lighting has a tough and large job to do. Not only does there need to be sufficient lighting on the field or court, but the game-goers require lighting in the stands, hallways, bathrooms, parking lots and ramps, and so much more. Updating lighting for a large stadium can cost anywhere between $800,000 to $2 million. Compared to smaller updates in homes or schools, this price point seems daunting. However, due to the lower maintenance costs and energy savings, most stadiums will see a return on investment in just a few years.

LED Lighting and TV Broadcasts

A unique dilemma sports stadiums have is using the right lighting for TV broadcasts. With such a large area to cover, getting consistent lighting is a challenge. LEDs improve TV broadcasts due to a lack of flickering in slow-motion replays, which is an issue when using metal halide lights. This makes for a better viewing experience for at home fans.

LED lights are able to balance between warm and cool tones as well, making images on TV appear crisp and clean. With LEDs, you won’t see shadows or dark spots!

LEDs Enhance the Experience

LEDs are a simple way to enhance the fan experience. With brighter, instant-on lighting fans are able to catch every second of the game, whether in the crowd or at home. LEDs are also great for customizable lighting experiences. Lighting operators can get creative with dimming and brightening lights for halftime shows, the National Anthem, and more.

Find LEDs for Stadiums Big and Small at Sitler’s

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