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Make Your Parking Lot Safer with LEDs!

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We all know the eery feeling of walking to our cars late at night in the dark. We feel the need to look over our shoulders, not sure what could be lurking in the shadows. Whether you’re leaving a restaurant, bar, bank or grocery store, poorly lit parking lots can feel a little…off. Today, we’re going to discuss three ways your dark lots could be dangerous, and how LED lighting can fix it.

Poor Parking Lot Lighting Can Lead To:

1. Accidents and Fender Benders
Parking lots are hectic and, at times, hard to navigate even during daylight hours. It’s difficult to be aware of cars when backing out, pulling in or trying to exit the lot. If your parking lot has dim or little lighting, this makes driving safely even harder. It can lead to a higher incidence of fender benders and car accidents. This could even leave you, the lot owner, liable for the damages.

2. Pedestrian Injuries
On top of trying to navigate the parking lot with cars weaving in and out, you as a driver must also be aware of the pedestrians exiting storefronts. It is important to take notice of pedestrian crosswalks. Yet, at night, it can be hard to pick them out of the shadows, especially if they are dressed in dark colors. This could lead to injuries, leaving the lot owner liable as well for the accident.

3. Crime and Theft
The backdrop for most crimes on TV and in movies is a dark, shadowy night, with the culprit dressed in dark colors to “blend in.” This is depicted this way because it is often true to real life. Dark lots can leave cars vulnerable to theft. Poor lighting can also make it difficult to identify people on security cameras. Dark, empty lots may also lead to assault and other acts of violence.

How LEDs Can Help

By investing in LED lights for your parking lot, you are not only saving money, but keeping your storefront and lot safe for customers. Brighter lights in parking lots can reduce car accidents, help illuminate pedestrians and pedestrian walkways more clearly, and have been proven to reduce crime rates. Plus, LEDs are in it for the long haul and won’t need constant replacing compared to traditional lighting. Poorly lit lots are due to lumen depreciation, when your bulbs become dim and very yellow/orange, and bulbs consistently burning out. With LEDs, the lumens depreciate at a much slower rate, and can last upwards of 50,000 hours!

Find LED Parking Lot Lights with Sitler’s!

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