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Pros and Cons of LED Retrofitting

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Most decisions we make come with positives and negatives. That is why we take the time to see whether the pros outweigh the cons. Installing LED lighting is always a great choice, and there are multiple ways of going about installation. Those many installation choices also come with pros and cons. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the most common LED installation methods, retrofitting, and discussing the positives and negatives!

What is LED retrofitting?

Simply put, retrofitting is installing a new light source while working to maintain the existing light fixture. One of the most common forms of LED retrofitting is replacing T8 fluorescent bulbs with LED linear lamps. Fluorescent fixtures use a ballast, and when retrofitting, the ballast remains intact while ballast compatible LED linear lamps are used.

LED Retrofitting Positives

Retrofitting may be an appealing option for homeowners and businesses looking for a quick lighting overhaul. There is a shorter time and expense commitment when using retrofit LED bulbs.

Another benefit of LED retrofit bulbs is that they fit into traditional light fixtures. Traditional light fixtures are essentially a worldwide standard and can be difficult to fit at times with non-retrofit LED bulbs

LED Retrofitting Negatives

While retrofit LED bulbs are created to look and act like traditional bulbs, making them easy to install, it also makes them run counterintuitive to the way LEDs actually work. The dome type of bulb shape disrupts the LED’s radiation pattern, making it less efficient than typical LED bulbs that have diodes arranged in a row pattern, as opposed to dome shape.

While LED retrofit bulbs are created for traditional sockets, traditional sockets are not made for LED bulbs. Most sockets are insulated and meant to retain heat. If you don’t know anything about LEDs, know heat is their number one enemy. LEDs will still last longer than traditional bulbs, even in such non-conducive environments, but their lifespan will suffer.

To Retrofit, or Not to Retrofit?

Depending on your time and money constraints, retrofitting may be the option for you. Here at Sitler’s, we tell our clients to use caution when considering retrofitting. It may be the easier installation option at the beginning, but your LEDs will suffer long-term. Whenever it is possible, we suggest replacing your lights and fixtures with LEDs and LED compatible sockets. Your lights will burn brighter, last longer and save you more money!

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