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Reduce Industrial Work Injuries with LEDs

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According to LED Magazine, over 3 million workers are injured on the job each year and poor lighting may be to blame. Not only can poor lighting lead to falls, slips, and run-ins, but it can also reduce your workers’ focus and attention, making it more likely for them to make mistakes that lead to injuries.

LEDs can solve all of these problems while saving you money to boot. Recent studies show that by improving lighting, you can reduce workplace injuries by up to 60 percent in industrial environments.

How LEDs can Help Reduce Work Injuries

Improved Attention and Alertness
Dim, orange-hued lighting can lead to drowsiness and fatigue in workers, especially when they are unable to see natural sunlight through windows for hours at a time, or when working second and third shifts. The low color rendering index of HPS fixtures commonly used in industrial settings lowers the mood and energy levels of workers across the board. Modern, blue/white LED lighting is proven to help reduce fatigue, increase productivity and make workers feel up to five times more awake!

Instant On Lighting
When working in large industrial buildings and factories, old lighting fixtures can take several minutes to warm up, then another few minutes to actually turn on. This eats into your team’s work hours and productivity, and it may mean that if they start working before all of the lights have reached full power, they are more susceptible to injury.

LED lights, no matter the application, are always instant on. This means your workers get to work sooner and safer!

No More Maintenance
When a large light goes out in an industrial building, it can lead to dark spots, as well as added maintenance. Replacing bulbs in high ceilings increases chances of worker injury, with added dangers of ladders and possible electrocution. Since traditional bulbs burn out often, your workers are more consistently at risk of falling or hurting themselves. LEDs have a long lifespan of up to or over 50,000 hours. This means your team can get back to work instead of changing light bulbs!

No More Mercury
Did you know a single HPS bulb has enough mercury vapor to poison a classroom full of children? And your building may have hundreds of these lights dangling from the ceiling. Traditional lights are usually made from glass and are easy to break. When replacing a bulb, it is easy to lose your grip and drop a bulb filled with poisonous and harmful chemicals.

LEDs are manufactured to be durable and contain no harmful gases or substances. Even if you do drop one, it will be hard to break!

Protect Your Industrial Workers with LEDs

Making the switch to LEDs will do so much more for your factory and buildings then just save you money. They will help protect the short and long-term well-being of your employees. You can find solutions to all of your LED lighting needs at Sitler’s!

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