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Room by Room Benefits of LED School Lighting

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

LEDs have wonderful benefits in all of their applications. One facility where LEDs really shine is schools! Sitler’s has worked with over a dozen schools to install LEDs across the state to improve student learning and save precious General Fund dollars.

Today, we’re going to cover why LEDs are a great benefit to schools, going room by room.


LEDs are a great choice for schools because of their benefits in the classroom. Their brighter light output has been proven to increase productivity and focus. This increased focus has led to increased learning and better test scores! Decreased flickering from fluorescent lighting also improves the classroom environment.


Without proper lighting when reading, our eyes become strained which can cause headaches and fatigue. Installing LED lighting parallel to bookshelves reduces eye strain while creating a more ambient environment. When you install LED lighting in tandem with motion sensors in libraries, this saves your school even more money.


Well-lit hallways are important in any building. When installing lights in your school, it’s important to remain consistent. Installing LED lights in hallways means better lit lockers and less maintenance for lighting in general, as LEDs are often rated at 50,000 hours or more!


School gyms are a great and often overlooked, place for LEDs. With their high ceilings and large square footage, LEDs are the perfect solution to increase brightness and reduce annoying light maintenance. With most traditional high bay lighting, it takes several minutes for the lights to even turn on in gyms. When you install LEDs, your gym lights will turn on instantly!

Building Exteriors

Another often overlooked area in need of LEDs is school buildings’ exterior. Security and parking lot lights are great opportunities to upgrade to LEDs.

Find Your District’s LED Lighting at Sitler’s

All of your LED school lighting needs can be met at Sitler’s! Visit our web page here to learn more, or visit ISFIS’s page to read testimonials of school districts we have worked with in the past! Set up a free walk-through and proposal here.

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