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Solar-Powered LED Lighting: The New Power Couple

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Over the years, our society has become more and more aware that the fossil fuels we use to power our homes and vehicles is finite in supply. It will not last forever. On top of that, our world suffers from pollution due to our excess use of fossil fuels. We have seen great advances in geothermal and solar power to wean us off of fossil fuels, and now LEDs are stepping in to play their part as well!

Solar power and LEDs are wonderfully efficient in their own rights, but put them together and they are the new and improved powerhouse of energy savings! When you install LED lights first in your home or business you will reach 100 percent energy efficiency, meaning when you install solar power afterwards you won’t need as many solar panels to get the job done, saving you more money! Due to their similar characteristics, LED lights and solar power pack a one-two punch that helps save you money and the environment!

LED and Solar Power: What Makes Them a Great Team?

Solar power and LED bulbs work well together due to their commonalities. Like any great team, they work well when paired together because they have a similar end goal; to save you money and improve the state of our environment. Here are some ways LEDs and solar power overlap.

1. They’re green
Solar is a green form of energy because it is powered by the renewable energy of the sun. Even on cloudy days there are rays of sunlight solar panels are able to pick up and store. LEDs are the greenest form of lighting due to their lack of heat emissions. Unlike fluorescent lights that require energy to simply create heat, LEDs use the mass majority of their energy to create light, not heat. This results in less energy needed to fuel the lights. Put the two together and you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint!

2. You can put them anywhere
Today there are LED bulbs to replace any fixture imaginable, just as solar panels can be installed in remote or large areas to power large buildings or even individual street lights!

3. Eco-friendly
Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain harmful gases. Similarly, no harmful gases are emitted from solar panels as they process sunlight into energy.

4. Cost-savings
When you install solar power in your home or building, you no longer need to pay for electricity bills! When you install LED lights, their efficiency lowers your electric bill significantly or, when used with solar power, reduces your overall energy usage and need for more solar panels!

5. Tax credits, grants and rebates
The government and electric companies are on your side when it comes to utilizing solar power and LEDs. There are tax credits and grants available for those who install solar panels, as well as rebates from electric companies for businesses and households who also install LED lights. It’s a win-win!

The New Power Couple

If you are thinking of installing either LED lights or solar panels, consider pairing the two for double the efficiency. If you do decide to install both, it is important to install the LED lights first. By installing LEDs before solar panels, you will reduce your energy usage and, therefore, will be able to reduce the number of solar panels you’ll need, saving you more money! By installing LEDs and solar panels together, you will save double the money and your home or business will be doubly as efficient. Learn more today by contacting one of our lighting consultants!

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