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Precision Structures INc.

We strive for the best quality and service in the marketplace, while using our overall volume to buy at deep discounts and offer very competitive pricing. One of our largest strengths is the people who make up PSI. We have a very knowledgeable team with a strong background in everything from engineering and facility design to maintenance and service on existing facilities.

LED Product Used

ONCE Agricultural Lighting

ONCE focuses on the science of light by creating lighting products specifically and exclusively for the Agricultural Market. ONCE lighting systems are species-specific and establish lighting as a proven input to increase production.

Precision Structures INC. utilized Sitler’s LED’s brand new hog light with ONCE innovations. It’s a 15Watt LED light. It is a new style that can run more lumens/watt which allows for more light and spread resulting in more even lighting throughout the barn.

Impact of LED Lighting


LED technology is something that has been coming on strong as of late. At first there are always people that are hesitant, but then once people see the benefits it becomes very popular.

We have gotten to the point where LEDs are becoming mainstream and people are starting to see that it economically makes sense for people to use it, so we think that it is going to be something that more and more of our customers will be using and we are happy to be working with Sitler's to help bring the customer what they want.

Project Testimonial

"Every time I need a product they have it on hand. They are very knowledgeable about the business and what we need so it is a lot better than just ordering out of a catalog!"
Ryan Rogerson
Parts Sales & Warehouse Supervisor, PSI
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Sitler's Staff


The Sitler's Lighting Consultants are very knowledgeable about the LED lighting business. They know the information about what lights will be best for you and how it is going to help. They also always have the product on hand when it is needed.


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