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Premier Ag Systems

Our company owners have a combined 65 plus years of experience in agricultural production and construction. We Provide customers with solutions, ideas, and knowledge which ensures you a high quality building that will last for years.

Premier Ag Systems offers more than just a building to our customer. When the project is finished most builders simply turn over the keys. From the beginning to end, Premier Ag System partners with our customer to build a premier facility exceeding expectations, but when the building project is complete and it is time for production to begin, Premier Ag Systems is there providing service, and supplying parts & solutions.


Provide durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly LED solutions

Solution build specifically for a swine facility environment

simple installation process

energy efficiency utility savings

eliminate costs any hazards of jelly jars


The ONCE lights and the team at Sitler's have exceeded our expectations. The light quality, durability and customer service from the Sitler's team has not disappointed and we value our business relationship with them. Our customers have been very pleased with the lights and electricians like the simplicity of installation.


Owner/Partner, Premier Ag Systems


Dim to red system reduces animal stress

Accelerated Growth

Reduced Mortality 1%

Waterproof and durable

Utilizes lighter gauge wire

manufactured for swine business

energy savings and rebates eligible

eliminate jelly jar