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The Benefits of LED Ceiling Panels

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Are there still fluorescent lights above you? If so, it’s time for an upgrade! You can replace your old, flickering, yellowing fluorescents with a few different LED lighting options. In the past, we have talked about using T8 LED linear lamps. Today we are going to touch on the benefits of using LED ceiling panels.

LED Ceiling Panels vs LED Linear Lamps

When it comes to replacing fluorescent lighting, the most obvious option is T8 linear lamps. They look the most like fluorescent bulbs and can easily fit into bypassed ballasts. However, they can look a bit dated if they are bare and uncovered. If you are looking to not only update your lighting for energy efficiency but also design, LED ceiling panels are a great option.

LED Ceiling Panels for the Modern Office

LED panels are a great way to reduce your energy bill while creating a more modern design in your office space. Instead of installing 4 individual tubes into existing fixtures, LED panels are thin, lightweight alternatives that are edge lit. Instead of looking at bare or covered bulbs, these panels blend into your ceiling tiles or can be hung from the ceiling to create a floating light panel look. It’s an easy way to solve design and energy efficiency problems in one swoop!

Benefits of LED Panels

LED panels are a great option for office and business spaces. They are instant on and do not require the use of reflective materials like fluorescents because they are directional. Your light will shine exactly where you need it most. LED panels use prismatic lenses that distribute the light more evenly, eliminating dark spots and corners.

LED panels are also a great LED choice if you are looking for dimmable lighting. This allows you to customize the light output as it is needed. This can be a great feature in early age classrooms for nap time or to brighten the lights after lunch to keep children alert. They can also be hooked up to motion sensors to provide added energy efficiency.

Find LED Ceiling Panels at Sitler’s

We have LED ceiling panels that are dimmable and motion sensor compatible waiting for you! Inquire about price and proposals at (319)653-2123 or send us an email!

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