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The Best LEDs for Every Room in Your Home

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LEDs are a versatile and efficient lighting solution. Yet, with so many varieties, shapes, lumen counts, color temperatures and more, it can be hard to find the right light for the right room in your home. You may want brighter light in the bathroom and kitchen, dimmer light in the living and dining room, and dimmable lights for bedrooms. Today, we are going to explore some of the best-LED options for every room in your home, to make the buying process that much simpler!

Living Room

When deciding lighting for any room in your home, you have to first consider what you will be using the space for. Is your living room a hub for family events? Does it have all the entertainment center equipment? Both of these scenarios revolve around relaxation and creating a warm and welcoming environment.

For this area of your home, avoid installing LED lighting with a high color temperature and stick to around 2500-2700k LED bulbs for your track lighting, overhead fixtures, can lights and more.


Kitchens usually use a variety of lights, from under cabinet lighting to can lighting to accent lighting to track lighting, the options are endless. You need nice bright lighting in the kitchen to help you see when cooking and preparing for meals and parties. Yet, you can also create a more ambient and warm feel in the kitchen with accent lighting. Using a variety of LED lights ranging from 2700k to 3500k creates a great mix of warm and cool toned lighting.


Generally speaking, the bathroom is where we spend the majority of our mornings getting ready. This means they require bright LED lighting with a high lumen output. Tasks such as makeup application and shaving require good lighting for the best results possible. Yet, you can go too bright in color temperature when choosing your bathroom lighting, especially if your bathroom runs on the smaller side. Avoid LED lighting past 4000k, as this can make your face appear washed out and harder to see in the mirror.


Last, but certainly not least, is bedroom lighting. Bedroom lighting varies from person to person. Some people want to create a warm, cozy bedroom feel, others like bright colors and a light, airy feel to their room. Overall, it is important to remember that lighting affects our circadian rhythms, and we can hurt our sleep cycle by installing LED lights with too high a color temperature and lumen output.

If you are someone who enjoys a lighter, brighter feel to your bedroom, consider making the most of natural light and large windows as opposed to bright LEDs. To achieve a warmer, more relaxing feel with LED lighting, look for lights with around 2700k color temperature, but not going over 3000k.

Find the best LEDs for your home with Sitler’s!

Find the best-LED lighting solutions for every room in your home with Sitler’s! From canned lights to accent bulbs and track lighting, we have you covered. Receive a free quote today by calling (319)-519-0039 or contacting us online!

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