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Understanding Light Distribution Types

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LEDs can be installed anywhere these days, but that doesn’t make them one size fits all. LEDs come in a variety of light distribution types and, depending on your application, some are a better fit than others. Keep reading to discover the best light distribution for your outdoor LED light fixtures!

Type 1

Type 1 light distribution is the most narrow. They are a perfect choice for sidewalks, grocery or store aisles, hallways, walkways and the like. These types of lights are commonly installed in the middle of the pathway, and running these light parallel to the aisles is up to 50 percent more efficient, due to light being shined exactly where it is needed.

Type 2

This type of light distribution is the most narrow one you will find that still emits light forward. These lights are most commonly found on side streets, trails and jogging paths, and wider city sidewalks. An easy way to remember how wide the cast of light will be is that it is 1.5 times wider than the height of the mount.

Type 3

This light is distributed 2.75 times wider than the fixtures height, creating a 27.5 foot light cast on a 10 foot mounted fixture. This type of light distribution is most helpful for the outer edges of parking lights and larger open areas, such as sports fields. These lights are best when installed on the side of roads, as opposed to in the medians, due to their forward casting light.

Type 4

This light distribution is known for having the most forward lighting pattern. The mass majority of the light is cast forward, with very little light being lost by being shone behind the light. These are great lights for the perimeters of buildings and as security lights.

Type 5

Unlike the lighting distribution types listed above, type 5 lights cast light in a full circle or square, as opposed to just forward. This lighting is best when installed in large spaces, such as parking lots, intersections, medians, and more. They have a much more defined light radius in comparison to the other distribution types.

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