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What Rated LED Hours Really Mean

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If you have done any research into LEDs, you will have encountered numerous iterations of the same phrase: “50,000 rated hours!” What are rated hours, how are they measured and what do they really mean in terms of LEDs? Today, we are going to answer these questions and more!

Measuring Traditional Lighting’s Rated Hours

LED technology and traditional lighting technology are vastly different and therefore test rated hours differently. To understand how LEDs lifespan is rated, let’s take a look at how traditional bulbs are given their estimated lifespan.

The lighting industry defines a bulbs lifespan by how long it takes 50 percent of the bulbs in a batch to fail. If half a batch of fluorescent lights fails at 10,000 hours than their Average Rated Life (ARL) is 10,000 hours. This method of testing has remained the same for decades, as many of these lights, such as fluorescent, HIDS, and incandescents, have been on the market just as long. LEDs, being a much newer technology, require a different testing and measuring of rated hours.

Measuring LEDs Rated Hours

A LEDs lifespan is not determined by a batch failure like traditional bulbs. Their testing is all about lumen depreciation. LEDs do not a have predictable failure point like traditional bulbs, making researchers dependent on lumen depreciation for measuring rated hours. LEDs rated hours are determined by the time it takes the original lumen count to depreciate by a specific percentage point. The most common measurement points to when the original lumen count depreciates to 70 or 80 percent.

Due to the recent application of LEDs, research into rated hours is much more limited than traditional lighting. LEDs are proven to last substantially longer than traditional bulbs, but it is also crucial that they are installed correctly. LEDs used in extremely warm environments, housed improperly or used in conjunction with ballasts are all more likely to fail earlier than their predicted rated hours.

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