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Will LEDs Become the Sports Arena New Norm?

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

LED lighting is slowly but surely making its way into stadium and arena lighting. New reports suggest a massive take over sooner rather than later, with an estimated growth of the market by $200 million by 2023, bringing the market total up to $622 million. So, what are the major factors ushering LEDs into sports complexes around the country and world? Let’s find out!

More Light for Less Money

According to Energy Manager Today, a large factor in LEDs’ popularity amongst arenas is their cost per lumen. Traditional lighting has around 80 lumens per watt, while LEDs have an output of 130 lumens per watt. This is what makes LEDs more energy efficient; you get more lumens per watt, therefore you need less wattage to power the lights. For sports stadiums, with hundreds to thousands of lights, getting better, brighter lighting for a greatly reduced price is a win/win!

Sports’ Love Affair with LEDs

Sports arenas and stadiums began adopting LEDs only a few years ago. NFL stadiums began lighting projects to update to LEDs beginning in 2015, with the MLB quickly following suit that same year. MLB teams and players require a lot of light on the playing field, due to working on such a large field with a very small object. LEDs are the best bulb for the job when it comes to lighting up large outdoor space consistently.

To Sports Arenas and Beyond

LEDs are not only making waves in lighting in large stadiums. High school and college courts, arenas, and stadiums are making the switch as well. You can also find LEDs being incorporated into rodeo venues, concert areas, racetracks, and more!

Find your Stadium and Arena Lighting with Sitler’s

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