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Sitler’s Products: UFO LED High Bays

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This week, we are highlighting one of our toughest lights: the UFO LED High Bay. These LED lights were created and manufactured with harsh conditions in mind. Their unique design makes them a great light for warehouse or agricultural lighting. Sitler’s is currently working with three manufacturers to bring you a variety of UFO LED High Bay options. All of our high bay options include dimmable capabilities, 1P65 rated as dust fighting and protected against water, a variety of beam spreads to choose from, and eligibility for rebates in most areas!

Above All Lighting UFO LED High Bays

Above All Lighting is an industry leader in LED research and development and manufacturing custom indoor and outdoor LED lighting. Located in Toms River, New Jersey, Above All Lighting’s staff includes 22 engineers, 6 designers and a competent senior management team with over 20 years of experience in the field.

WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1100w250w HID12,50050,00010 years
Option 2150w400w HID18,75050,00010 years
Option 3200w750w HID25,00050,00010 years
Option 4240w1000w HID30,00050,00010 years


AOK LED Light has been in the LED industry for more than a decade and are driven by their core values of Quality, Honesty, Service and Innovations.

WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1100w250w HID12,80050,0005 years
Option 2120w400w HID14,40050,0005 years
Option 3150w400-500w HID19,50050,0005 years
Option 420w600w HID25,00050,0005 years

Ledsion UFO LED High Bays

Ledsion, founded in 2003, is an LED innovator focusing on commercial and industrial research, production, and sales.

WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1120w250w HID14,40050,0005 years
Option 2150w250-400w HID18,00050,0005 years

Find your warehouse and agricultural lighting needs at Sitler’s LED Supplies! You can find more information about UFO LED High Bays on our site here! To get started, fill out a short form and you are on your way to a free walk-through and project proposal. Click here to learn more!

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