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Sitler’s Spotlight: School District Edition!

Here at Sitler’s, we have had the amazing opportunity to work with school districts across the state of Iowa installing LED lighting. These collaborations would not have been possible without our partnership with ISFIS in Des Moines. ISFIS works with over 300 school districts in Iowa, helping them with their school budget and finances. With our combined services, we are able to provide LED lighting at a competitive price, allowing schools to save money on their energy bills each month while creating a better environment for their staff and students!

Don’t just take our word for it! This month we are highlighting a few of the schools we have had the pleasure of working with. Read what they have to say below!

Interstate 35 CSD

Interstate 35 CSD – Truro, IA

“There is no comparison [between old lights and LEDs] – better for kids, staff and the budget!” -Kevin Fiene, Superintendent, Interstate 35 Community School District

Grant Wood AEA

Grant Wood AEA – Cedar Rapids, IA

“[We’ve seen] $8750 in savings for a 3-month period even though the average temperature was higher which would have raised the electric bill for additional cooling costs!” -Dave Broussard, Director of Information Technology, Grant Wood AEA

East Union CSD

East Union CSD – Afton, IA

“[Working with Sitler’s was] easy – we are planning to utilize them for additional projects this coming year.” -Lance Ridgely, Superintendent, East Union Community School District

Winfield Mt. Union CSD

Winfield Mt. Union CSD – Winfield, IA

“We have had savings up to $650/month since the installation on our electric bill!” -Carmen Benson, Business Manager, Winfield Mt. Union Community School District

Diagonal CSD

Diagonal CSD – Diagonal, IA

“The new lighting changed the whole look of our classrooms and gym!” -Karleen Stephens, Superintendent, Diagonal Community School District

Pleasantville CSD

Pleasantville CSD – Pleasantville, IA

“We are satisfied [with the LED lighting]. Staff and students have commented that the lighting is better now than it was previously.”-Tony Alysworth, Superintendent, Pleasantville Community School District


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