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Category: LED Lighting Basics

LED Milestones
LED Lighting Basics

8 LED Milestones

While the most common use of LEDs today is overhead lighting, light emitting diodes got their start in the calculator and watch market! If you’ve

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LED myths
LED Lighting Basics

3 LED Myths Busted!

While LEDs have been on the market since the 1980s, they have only recently peaked in popularity. You can find them in streetlights, homes, businesses,

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2016 LED Rebates
LED Economic Impacts

MidAmerican’s 2016 LED Rebates

New Year, new LED rebates! MidAmerican has released their 2016 LED rebates for commercial and agricultural lighting. While MidAmerican does a great job of highlighting

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5 facts about LED lights
LED Lighting Basics

5 Interesting LED Facts!

Christmas is only days away! Soon there will be an onslaught of family and friends gathered around the tree. If you’re worried about answering personal

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