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LED Applications Blog Capsule Pt. 1

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

Over the last few years, Sitler’s has touched on a lot of LED lighting applications and their many benefits. This blog, the first of two parts, is here to help aggregate all of our materials regarding the many LED applications for easy navigation for readers! Next week we will cover Home, Retail, Outdoor Lighting, Commercial Spaces, Car Dealerships, and Sports Stadiums and Arenas.


LEDs in Hospitals: A New Wave in Healthcare

Benefits of LED Lighting in Healthcare Settings


Room by Room Benefits of LED School Lighting

5 Ways to Create an Energy Efficient School

5 Ways LEDs Benefit School Districts


Office Oriented Human-Centric Lighting

Employees Praising LED Office Lighting


5 LED Innovations Coming to Your Warehouse

Industrial Facilities

LED Industrial Lighting: Cutting Costs Now and Later

Reduce Industrial Work Injuries with LEDs

Cold Storage

Cold Storage Updates: LEDs Improve Taste and Nutrition of Milk!

Using LEDs in Cold Food Storage


Benefits of LED Streetlights for Spring Weather

New Research on Low Glare LED Streetlights

4 Advantages of LED Street Lighting

Find all of the LED lights you need for these applications and more at Sitler’s LED Supplies!

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