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LED Blog Capsule: LED Agriculture Lighting

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

LED Grow Lights Revolutionize Agriculture – January 2017

Agriculture is vitally important. It literally feeds the world. Every year, new innovations come into play to help farmers create more crop yields to meet the demands of our ever-growing world population. One of the simplest, yet most exciting, of these innovations is the LED. LED lighting offers opportunities to grow crops indoors in metropolitan areas, as well as increase crop yields due to tuned light colors and wavelengths.

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Recycled Surplus LED Energy Equals Better Horticulture! – December 2016

We have often cited on this blog how LEDs produce very little heat in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Yet, they do still create excess heat. This heat is drawn away from the light emitting diode through the heat sink, as heat is the number one enemy of LEDs. The heat is then “dumped,” so to speak, into the atmosphere or surrounding air.

New technology in the agricultural and horticulture world has found a way to utilize this excess heat from LEDs in a new and innovative way!

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September is Chicken Month: Learn about LED Poultry Lighting – September 2016

There is no denying our world population is steadily growing. With low infant mortality rates and longer lifespans, the human population is increasing steadily. Due to this trend, food demand worldwide is expected to double in size by the year 2030, less than 14 years away. This expected increase in food supply has farmers and growers looking for ways to humanely increase production while saving money and reducing stress in the livestock’s environment. LED lighting checks all the boxes. In honor of September being national chicken month, we’re going to take a look at how LED lighting is making strides in the poultry world.

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LED Grow Lights: An Innovation in Agriculture – June 2016

Grow lights are not a new idea in the agricultural market. Many farmers and growers use high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulb grow lights. However, these lights cannot offer plants specific wavelengths to optimize and reduce grow time. They also run the risk of burning the crop if placed too closely to the plant. Now, LED grow lights are changing the grow light market and the face of agriculture all together.

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Underwater Agriculture: LED Aquaculture Lighting – April 2016

Today we are exploring a new form of agriculture. In the past we talked about the importance of lighting for swine and poultry. Now we are diving, quite literally, into aquaculture! Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food. You may be wondering, how is light vital to animals that live underwater? According to Hatchery International, light patterns are the most constant of environmental parameters throughout an animal’s life. Even for animals who live in deep, dark waters, light is essential to proper growth and development.

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5 Ways LEDs Better Your Poultry Barn – February 2016

In the past couple of weeks, we touched on the importance of LED lights in swine barns. Yet Iowa has so much more to offer than simply swine. According to the Iowa Poultry Association, Iowa ranks number 1 in the nation for egg production! That makes for a lot of chickens. Iowa is also home to over 130 turkey farms, 97 percent of which are family owned. As you can see, poultry is a large part of Iowa’s makeup as well. ONCE Innovations understands this and has created specific LED poultry lights to ensure stable animal welfare and quality products. Let’s dive into 5 benefits LED poultry lights offer!

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A Sitler’s Spotlight: Iowa Hog Farmers – January 2016

The hog farming industry in Iowa employs over 40,000 people every year. Of these hog operations, 94 percent are family-owned farms. As a large part of Iowa culture, and a large client base for Sitler’s, we’re taking a look at some of our hog farming clients and why they decided to make the switch to LED swine lights!

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The Science Behind LED Dim-to-Red Swine Lights – January 2016

Welcome to Iowa, the pork capital of the world! Raising swine isn’t simply a job here, it’s a large part of our state’s makeup. According to an Iowa Pork Producers Association 2012 census, there are over 6,266 hog operations running in Iowa. On these hog operations, there are over 20 million pigs being raised in the state of Iowa at any given time!

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